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Bolan Wong 1999

SFAIA/AFSF High School Design Competition

Spring 2000: Musician's Residence

You have been commissioned to design a house for a musician. He is married to a passionate art lover. Both the musician and his wife wish that this house reflect the beauty and power of music, as well as be a place of refuge and creative inspiration. They are also very particular about the environment and would prefer environmentally sensitive and recyclable materials to be used in the construction of their home.
The site is at a Yerba Buena Island, located in the middle of the Bay Bridge running between San Francisco and Oakland, adjacent to Treasure Island overlooking majestic views of the bay. There is a view of San Francisco to the south, Treasure Island to the North, and Marin to the West.

The area allocated for the building is within walking distance to the rocky beach below.

The Building
The house shall be no more than 2 stories high and not exceeding 3150 square feet not including outdoor areas. There is no specific height limit, however there is a real concern about how new buildings impact the site and the views of the island. With this in mind, you as the designer should take the responsibility of making sure that your building is integrated with the surrounding landscape. Although homes are not required to be accessible for the disabled, some areas of the house should provide for this. (refer to attachments for typical clearances and requirements.)
Building Area
Foyer150 sq. ft.Bedroom200 sq. ft.
Music Room200 sq. ft.Garage400 sq. ft.
Studio700 sq. ft.Misc. Storage125 sq. ft.
Living Room400 sq. ft.Circulation200 sq. ft.
Kitchen275 sq. ft.
Master Bedroom500 sq. ft.
Additional Requirements
  • Show parking space for 2 cars (10x20 each), during recitals, parking for guests will be off site.
  • Show landscaping (e.g. courtyards, tree locations, etc.)
  • Write a brief paragraph (150 words) about what type of music the musician plays and the kind of art his wife loves; how do these affect the architecture of the building.

Site Photos
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